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Gingerbread 8

it's beginning to look a lot like...



Our German Gingerbread is made using locally sourced honey and the finest quality spices.

Gingerbread man - Tanunda Bakery.JPG

Gingerbread House

Each house has a solid foundation of our delicious Gingerbread and individually handcrafted with a unique design.

Gingerbread houses - Tanunda Bakery.JPG

Gingerbread Tree

A stylish tower of Gingerbread Goodness! Makes a great gift or table decoration for Christmas Dinner!

Gingerbread Star Trees Tanunda Bakery.jpeg


This Panettone contains NO added commercial yeast and is made from traditional sourdough methods. Flavours are simply butter, vanilla and orange with rum soaked sultanas. It's the real deal!

Panettone - Tanunda Bakery.jpg



A traditional German Christmas is not complete until the Stollen is placed on the table. This Weihnachts Stollen is a light yeast cake with sultanas, apricots and a trio of nuts and centered with a rope of marzipan. 

Weihnachts Stollen Tanunda Bakery.jpeg

Pecan & Cranberry Stollen

For those who prefer something without sultanas but still enjoy fruit, the pecan and cranberry stollen is the way to go. Also centered with a rope of marzipan. 

Pecan and Cranberry Stollen - Tanunda Ba

Orange Stollen

Light Yeast Stollen with a swirl of our own Orange filling and coated with a complementary orange glaze.

Orange Stollen - Tanunda Bakery.JPG

Marzipan Stollen

Light yeast stollen with a swirl of marzipan. Heaven for the marzipan lover. 

Marzipan Stollen.jpg

Nuss (Nut) Stollen

Another way to enjoy the german traditional yeast stollen with a swirl of our very own Hazelnut filling. 

Nut Stollen.jpg

Mohn (Poppy) Stollen 

A Light Yeast Stollen with a swirl of our own poppyseed filling.

Poppy Stollen.jpg

Fruit Cake

A moist cake with an array of high quality fruits and nuts.

Fruit Cake Tanunda Bakery.JPG

Fruit Mince Tart

Our fruit mince tart is made with quality fruits and dutch spices, encapsulated within a butter shortbread.

Fruit Mince - Tanunda Bakery.JPG

Christmas Pudding

A traditional Christmas cake packed with high quality selected fruit and nuts.

Christmas Pudding Tanunda Bakery.JPG

Gourmet Cookies

Vanilla Kipferl
Almond Bread
Zimt Sterne (Cinnamon Stars) GF
-Punsch Brezeln
-Bärentatzen GF
Nougat Kipferl 
Lübecker Kokosmakrönchen (Coconut Macaroons) GF
Heidesand (Buttermelts)
Nougat Cookies
Black/White Swirl
Spitzbuben (Mini Raspberry Kisses)
Vanilla Cookies
- Lebkuchen (German Gingerbread)
Orange & Chocolate Cookies

Butter shortbread

Gourmet Christmas Cookies Tanunda Bakery.JPG
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